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Backlink for Beer

... or: What the heck is social linking?

It's trivial: On the Internet everything is about linking. Links are recommendations - your site will be recommended by linking to it or not. Links are subject to all kinds of trade: Links can be exchanged, sold, and given as reward. Links are the internet currency. Why not use this currency in real live?

Backlink4Beer, social linking
The first backlink4beer Event September 21st at Düsseldorf

What is the aim of Backlink4Beer?

The idea behind Backlink4Beer:

Linkexchange, but not for a backlink. But for something you may need.

Members of Backlink4beer don't exchange or sell links - specially not through this portal. is social linking community - we will invite, on irregular basis, to Backlink4Beer events (party) - depending on our sponsors.

How to participate?

Send a message, we will try to find a sponsor for your requirement. It just costs you a link. The rules are simple.

You are going abroad and need a place to sleep, searching for party or just get drunk for free? Send us your offer - what link you're willing to give?

This works the other way round as well! Provide a place to sleep to one of our members, invite a SEO for a free dinner or become a proud cruise sponsor, you'll get backlinks to strengthen your website.

A few rules.

To participate just set a link to Use the "Proud Member of Backlink4Beer" banner. No "no "follow tag or any other masking of the link.

Offers will be announced at or

We will publish reports about the best events and the most successful participants under "Participants" und "Expiriences".

Send your offers and requirements to if you're willing to give a Backlink or to if you're willing to become a sponsor.

Describe your offer in as much detail as possible to avoid further inquiries.

All members of Backlink4Beer will be checked and registered. Honest members of Backlink4Beer won't overreach each other. So don't be stingy.

Responsibility for all agreements lay with the respective business partners.


Backlink4beer event at Bavaria

Spring 2007 will be the next B4B event.

Early Registration required.

Bavaria Event ..


Ferienwohnung Südtirol

Hotel Ägypten