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First Backlink4Beer Event!

Düsseldorf , after the OMD September 20st, from 19:30

Düsseldorf OMD Fair maybe the biggest event for digital marketing in Germany.
But we all know how exhausting and boring such events may be. Far from home, hungry, lonesome, and bored with all the smooth marketing talk?
Need some tech-talk, nerd-chat or just want to get drunk? Join us at Düsseldorf.

The first backlink4beer Event 20.09.2006 at Düsseldorf

Our offer: Social Linking invite you to the first official Backlink4Beer social linking event.

We will meet September 20th 19:30 hours in a little Italian restaurant, close to the old city centre.

The aim of the event is just socializing and networking. And ofcourse grabbing your backlinks.

The Idea: Food and drinks for free!

For free food and drinks you give us an unlimited PR 4 link to and you shall place the "Proud Member of" at one of your Sites.

The Rules: Backlinks for Beer

When you leave the restaurant you will take an alcohol test. If you carry more then 1 part per thousand alcohol in your blood you are puniskment is to give a PR 5 link for at least one year. Between 1.0 and 1.3 parts per thousand, your punishment shall be an unlimited PR 5 Link. Between 1.3 and 2.0 ppt and your punishment is to give a unlimited PR 6 link to This may be reduced to a one year limit if, you are able, without holding or leaning onto anything, to simply lay on the floor. Over 2.0 ppt then we will take care for you.

  • Links have to be placed with the "Proud Member..." banner. No nofollow tag, no hiding of the link.
  • If you remove the link, you have to give back food and drinks. Send it to customercare@any search engine you like.tld. And you are locked out.
  • All time limited links are subject to annual renewal at a Backlink4Beer event.
  • Backlink4Beer members shall not directly pay for links nor they shall charge money for links.


If you like to join us at the first Backlink4Beer event, just send a message to But be quick, there are only 20 seats for this event.

Of course you may participate ond pay for yourself - than you have not to give a link.

If you are not able to join us in Düsseldorf this time, watch out, there will be a lot of other events this year.

We will announce these Social Linking Events here.

What is Backlink4Beer?

The aim is link exchange. But instead you get a backlink for your link you will get something you need.

Maybe you are away and need a hotel? You are alone and need somebody to party with? Or you just want to get drunk for free?

Leave a message, we'll try to arrange what ever your need is. It just costs you a backlink.

You may also do it the other way around. Give a free night at your hotel, share a meal with one of our members, invite them on a cruise, you'll get a backlink to strengthen your website.

Send your offers and needs to if you are willing to give a backlink or to if you can offer something for a backlink.

Please make your offers/wishes as clear as possible for easy and fast processing.

All members are registered and checked by Backlink4Beer. But we do not take any responsibility for business between our members.