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Experiences with Social Linking at Backlink4Beer

Düsseldorf, September 20st, first Backlink4Beer Event

The first Social Linking Event with Backlink4Beer was a full success. After the Dusseldorf OMD fair meet some 30 webmaster and SEOs at the "Pasta e Vino" for beer and pizza. Originaly the Event was planned for some 20 participants, and the restaurant was realy crowded... >> more about the first event

Where are your reports?

We'll be proud to publish your report about Social Linking here. Regardless wheter it was made via Backlink4Beer.

Send your reports to It would be nice, if you also send some pictures taken at your social linking event.

Because we don't know how this project will develop, we are open to all comments and proposals.

We expect there will develop an active community around Backlink4Beer, but this needs your action.

Only if all participants are willing to invest some time and work this community will come alive.

So, what ever your thoughts are about Social Linking, write it down and send it to us!