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Backlink4beer - Offers Beer

Webmaster who offer Beer or Events for links to their Website.

Backlink4beer only publish offers if there is a "win win" situation for both participants.

Backlink-offers from Linklists, empty pages, doorways, mirror sites or similar will not be published. Naturally we don't accept masked links or links with "nofollow" tag.

Be fair, be honest, get loads of beer.




next (spring 2007) Backlink4Beer Event

somwhere in Bavaria, we will ride on a "Floß" build by logs down the "Altmühl River" or the Donau. We're still organizing this event. Check frequently, wee will anounce more data if everything is agreed.

PR 4 to PR X

We take all your links. For conditions see Events page.

River Event

Mail us for early reservation




A Weekend at a bavarian "Landgasthof"

One night stay at incl. breakfest. Plus a brewing lession at the Apfelranger brewery. Only off season.

Link PR 2 or PR 3

permanent link to, at least PR2.

For a permanent PR3 link you'll get two nights with half board.


Mail us for arranging your visit.

Backlink4Beer Offer - Beer:

what you should do befor asking for a publishing of your offer:

  • Place the banner with a link to
  • propose a fair offer. An offer includes your needs and whishes, offered link with PR and eventualy time frame for the link.
  • email to beer

The Backlink4beer-team claims the right, not to publish unfair offers.