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Even Social Linking needs Rules

Fairness and Honesty

Social Linking intends: Participants of Backlink4Beer don't try overreach each other. We do our business on a fair and level playing field. Social Linking works only on an honest basis. Written agreements are not needed by Backlink4Beer. We believe, that also for a internet business fairness and honesty are a must. To get a common understanding what fair and honest Social Linking means to us, we've some rules.

  • Every participant of Backlink4Beer shall place a link with the "Proud Member of Backlink4Beer" banner from one of their websites to
  • Links, to the community or between the participants websites shall not be market with a "nofollow tag". Masking of links, e.g. via scripts, is not permitted in any way.
  • Unnotified deleting or changing of links will lead offenders beeing locked out of the community.
  • Offers for Social Linking shall not be of illegal or unethical content.
  • Participants of Backlink4Beer shall not exchange links for money. - Specially not via offers at Backlink4Beer.
  • Backlink4Beer reserves the right to not publish an offer, without further notice. - If possible we will comment this decision.
  • All participants of Backlink4Beer will be registered and checked. - we will not use this data for other purposes.
  • For all business and contracts published at Backlink4Beer the agreeing partners shall be responsible. Backlink4Beer will not take any responsibility for their business.

Backlink4Beer is a non profit project. We do not offer any commercial services or goods.


Backlink4beer event at Düsseldorf

09.20.2006 from 19:30. Meet people, free pizza and free beer for backlinker.

Caution: Alcoholtest at the exit.